Monday, October 25, 2010

Interview on the Global Forum on Human Trafficking

Slavery didn't end with Abraham Lincoln.  It exists today and is a larger problem than ever before.  Largely ignored by the media, this plague affects women and children (and men too) world wide.  This isn't just a problem for other countries, it happens here in the United States.  Even worse, part of our economy is built on slavery and you probably don't even know it.  The chocolate you eat, the coffee you drink and the clothes on your back just may have been touched by slaves. 

The Not For Sale Campaign works against slavery.  They recently held a Global Forum on Human Trafficking in Yorba Linda, California to address these issues.

Two women from MVCC attended this Forum and have brought back a report for us.  Amber Tappe, our Student Ministries Director has long had a heart for the downtrodden around the world.  Liana Wolfe is the Director of Mountain View Christian Preschool and has travelled to Cambodia as an advocate for Rapha House, an organization that helps young girls out of sex slavery in South East Asia. 

Click Here to Listen to Pastor Rodger S. Loar Interview Amber and Liana

What can you do about this?
  1. Visit the Not For Sale website and educate yourself:
  2. Visit the Fair Trade USA website to educate your self:
  3. Visit the Rapha House website:
  4. Look for the Fair Trade symbol on you coffee, chocolate, and clothing (pictured below)
  5. Watch your local and national news for stories on slavery.  They are actually quite common.
  6. Contact MVCC at (602) 955-9414 or by email at for more ways you can help.

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