Monday, December 13, 2010

Hope in Hard Times

Click Here to Listen to the Sunday, December 12, 2010 Sermon by Pastor Rodger S. Loar

Scripture References:  Job 29- 31, 38- 41 and Romans 5:1-8

When times are hare, it sure is easy to look back on the ‘Good Old Days’ through the tinted lenses of our imagination and memory.  Things must have been so much better then.  But, the truth is, the Good Old Days had their problems too.  Life is just hard at any age.
Instead of dwelling on the broken economy, on the things you no longer have, or on fears for the future, let’s take time to be thankful that our God gave us hope and grace through His son Jesus the Messiah.  The best way to get our eyes off our own woes is to serve others in their times of troubles.  As we celebrate Christ’s birth this year, here are some ways to put this in action:
1.       Take what you have, whether a little or a lot, and share with someone who has less than you.  Next time you are grocery shopping spend a little extra and buy a grocery store gift card.  As you leave the store, pray for God to show you someone who needs it.  Find a single mother with kids, an immigrant family, a homeless person, or just a shopper who looks like they may need help.  Hand them the gift card and say, “Merry Christmas.”  Then walk off and don’t let them know your name.  Just let the gift speak for itself.

2.       When you celebrate Christmas Eve or Christmas day this year, invite a neighbor over to join your family.  Have a present for them and a place of honor at the table.  This could be a lonely, elderly person, someone from your church, a needy family, or just a neighbor you need to get to know.

3.       Instead of spending huge amounts on Christmas presents for the family, take your kids and volunteer at a local ministry such as Neighborhood Ministries or the Phoenix Rescue Mission.  Donate money to one of these charities or to a local church ministry.  Teach your kids faithful service, sacrifice for others, and the value of people over things.
What better way to thank God for His mercy than to bring the Good Old Days to someone else. 
God bless you and have a Merry Christmas,
Pastor Rodger.

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