Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I’m Here, You’re Here, We’re Here, They’re Here, and He’s Here… Now What?

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Scripture Reference:  Ephesians 2:10

Sometimes the message just needs to be short and sweet.  Works don’t save us.  We cannot earn salvation.  We cannot buy God’s love.  It’s a free gift that we just need to accept.  Once we have accepted and decided to follow Jesus, he does have some work for us to do, not to pay him back (as if we ever could!), but out of love for Him and for all the other people in this world whom He loves also.

Service is a form of worship and obedience to God.  He calls us to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, help the widow, provide for the orphan, give shelter to the homeless, clothes to the naked, and truth to those who don’t know Him yet. 

At Mountain View, we often discuss ways we can do this.  Here are a few:

1.       Serve some meals at a local homeless shelter.

2.       Take food to the elderly shut-in down the street, then sit there and spend time with him or her.

3.       Buy a grocery gift card next time you go shopping and then take it out in the parking lot and look for someone who could use it.  Perhaps that mom with several children.  Perhaps that elderly gentleman who doesn’t look like he has much.  Perhaps the person asking for help in the parking lot.  Or maybe the person elsewhere in your life that you know is struggling.

4.       Give money to your church Benevolence fund so we can help others who often show up at the church office looking for assistance.

5.       Volunteer as a mentor through the Boy Scouts, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, or a similar program.

There are many selfish ways to spend your life, doing things for yourself or for your immediate family and friends.  But, I challenge you to spend your time and money serving others, being generous and loving even when it’s difficult.  I promise you that your life will be much more rewarding.
Pastor Rodger

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