Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Are They Here?

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Scripture Reference:  1Tim 2:1-7, 2Peter 3:9, John 3:16-17

Why are They Here?  Why does God have people here on earth that don’t believe in Him or don’t know Him?  He could just make everyone believe.  So, why are they here?

Most people live their life like the game of life.  They make their decisions almost randomly, like with dice or spinners.  They take life as it comes and live as if this is all there is.  Do they get married?  Maybe.  Do they get divorced? Maybe.  School?  Sure.  Buy a home? Have a Child? Buy a car or go on a vacation?  Possibly.  How do you know if you win?  Why, by the amount of money and stuff you have.  Or, by the amount of pleasure you’ve found this year.  Their lives amount to a frenetic rush of entertainment and busy-ness in order to ignore the inconvenient and terrifying truth that one day this life will be over.

Then, it happens.  They come in to work one day and the boss gives them the pink slip.  Perhaps they lose their home to foreclosure.  Maybe, they get arrested or sued.  Or, the doctor gives that terrible diagnosis.  Or, a loved one dies.  Suddenly, all that other stuff doesn’t matter so much and they begin looking for the real meaning of it all.

Now that they are at this point…  Where do they find meaning?  Where can the go for truth?  Hope?  Salvation?

2Peter 3:9 and 1Tim 2:4 tells us that God wants all people to come to know him, and that he is patient, giving them a chance to know his love. 

We, as God’s people, are the very living example of this.  Few of us are descended from the people of Israel who were God’s original chosen people.  No, we are a new people who God has allowed to be added in, through the grace of Jesus Christ.  We have received the gift of God’s patience, till we came to him, and now we need to recognize that others receive this.  We are called to pray for the people of this world.  Pray for them, love them where they are, and share our faith in a gentle and sincere way.

One day, a time will come when they are open to hear.  And God will be patient with them, just as he was with us.

Pray for your friends, your family, your neighbors, your coworkers.  Don’t be afraid, don’t be selfish, and don’t fall for the lie that anything else, other than Jesus Christ can save them.  Be there for them, love them, and earn the right to share your story with them.

Pastor Rodger

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