Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Are We Here?

Click Here to Listen to the Sermon for Sunday, December 11,2011 by Pastor Rodger S. Loar

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 5:13-16

Why is the church here?  That is, what purpose do we serve here on this earth?  There are some people who would see the church as the police of the world, demanding obedience to God and requiring them to change to follow a set of rules.

That’s not why we are here.

Jesus, in his Sermon on the Mount (found in Matthew 5-7 in the Bible) tells us that we are to be a light to the world.  Light is a powerful thing.  If you’ve ever driven in the desert in the middle of the night, you can see the city coming up from many miles away, just from the light on the horizon.  It’s a good feeling when you are worn out from traveling all night, to see that light, that hope, in the distance

The church is here to be like that city.  We are here to point the way for others to find Christ.  Like a guide, we are to show the way to Christ, to demonstrate the hope of salvation that comes only from him.  Our actions, our faithfulness, and our love should reveal that God is there and that He loves the world. 

In this season of Christmas and throughout the year, here are some ways to be that bright, shining light of hope:

  1. Be generous and giving:  share your money and your time with those in need.
  2. Have integrity:  Know that your coworkers, your employees, your friends and your neighbors can see the choices you make.
  3. Share your story: Let people know how God has changed you, let people know how struggle and how you are overcoming the problems you face.

Be a light –

Pastor Rodger

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